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Do It Yourself

Self Assembly

You can have your log cabin ‘professionally’ installed. The other option which is self assembly.

A large part of the joy of log cabins is that it is fairly straightforward to build one yourself. No great DIY skills are required, just plenty of time, someone to help here and there, and lots of diligence. In fact building the log cabin yourself has lots of advantages.

For a start, you can build the cabin exactly as you want it. You can take the time to think about every detail and get it right. You don’t have to finish it in one morning. You can pre-drill holes and make sure screws fit flush. You can treat any cut surfaces with wood preserver as the build progresses so that at the end you know the cabin is well built and built to last. You get the satisfaction of having completed it yourself and the peace of mind in knowing that the log cabin build is weathertight and will stand the test of time.

Building a Log Cabin

Lugarde Log Cabin Building in Progress

If you lack confidence or time to do the base you can always get a local builder or landscaper to do that job. Same with the electrics; get a local sparky to do that last bit. The rest is easy enough with the logs just stacking together much like a giant lego set. It is far easier with two people on the build, if not impossible to do it on your own. Quite honestly, from experience, it really is something any half-competent diyer can do without fuss. You will find lots of advice and tips to help you build your own log cabin throughout this site.

Conclusion: Unless you simply do not have the time, do it right and enjoy building your own log cabin.